Posted in: Kids Posted on: Dec 30th, 2015

The Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Raleigh

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Everyone's hungry and you're looking for a place to eat that will cater to your own adult tastes and to the tastes of your kids. While it's easy to think pizza or peanut butter and jelly when thinking of foods that appeal to kids, the kid-friendly restaurants in Raleigh, NC go beyond that. Whether your family wants to enjoy a classic dinner together or has more eclectic tastes, you'll find something to please everyone in the Raleigh neighborhood.

Vegetarian Kids

If your kids recently learned where meat comes from and have switched over to a vegetarian diet, Raleigh has a number of options that will accommodate their meat-free needs. Even if your kids still love their burgers or chicken fingers, they're apt to love something on the menu at one of the city's veggie-focused restaurants.

Fiction Kitchen is a 100 percent vegetarian restaurant, meaning they don't serve any meat or animal products. While you might find "chicken" or "pork" listed on the menu, you can rest assured that those items are completely plant-based. The restaurant doesn't have a separate kids' menu, but its main menu offers plenty of kid-pleasing dishes, such as fried "chicken" and waffles or tacos.

Grammar nerds might shudder at the name of Irregardless, Raleigh's first vegetarian, farm-to-table restaurant, but they are likely to be thrilled with the food it serves. The menu has evolved over the years, and these days, the restaurant serves a selection of vegetarian and vegan picks, as well as some meat-based entrees. While there's no separate kids' menu, a few small plates can be perfectly sized for young eaters.

The Remedy Diner is the ideal spot to bring vegetarian kids and omnivore kids for weekend brunch. It offers a classic brunch menu of dishes such as breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and French toast, as well as vegan versions of those items.

A Bit of Everything

The Cowfish is the ideal restaurant for families who can't decide on what to eat. Its varied menu includes burgers and sushi, as well as fusion dishes. Kids aged 10 and under can order from the children's menu, which features a variety of "bento boxes." The fun kids' menu features options such as PB&J sushi rolls, mini-burgers, and dragon bitez.

The decor of the Cowfish is also particularly appealing to children. Colorful, cartoony artwork decorates the wall and large aquariums, with real fish, are located throughout the restaurant. The kids' menu comes with its own coloring page, to keep your little ones busy while you wait for the meal.

Classic Italian

Casa Carbonne is a pasta lover's dream, whether that pasta lover is a child or an adult. The Raleigh institution, which has been in business since 1958, doesn't explicitly offer a children's menu. Instead, it will serve half-sized portions of many of its pasta dishes to children, for half the price. You don't have to worry about your kid ordering more than he or she can eat or about paying full price for a smaller portion. Along with your classic pasta dishes, the restaurant also serves pizza and a variety of Italian entrees.