Posted in: Living Posted on: Mar 23rd, 2015

Off-Campus Housing Near William Peace University

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With some exceptions, William Peace University requires first and second year full-time students to live on-campus. But once you get to your junior year and beyond, you’re free to find your own place in the heart of downtown Raleigh. Off-campus housing near William Peace University is plentiful, and convenient, since the school is located in the middle of the city’s downtown area. If moving into your college apartment will be the first time you’ve lived on your own, there are a few things you’ll want to know about.

Life with Roommates

Even if you lived with roommates in William Peace University student housing, you’ll most likely find that living with people off-campus is a bit different. Along with sharing space, you’ll also be sharing the bills and the lease, meaning you’re each responsible for any payments due to the landlord or utility companies. You’ll also want to split the chores around the house, so that one of you isn’t left doing all the vacuuming or dish washing every week.

That roommate contract your resident advisor encouraged you to sign in the freshman dorms can definitely come in handy once you’re off-campus. You might want to update it to include who is paying what when it comes to rent and utilities, when those payments are due, and how you’ll divvy up the chores.

What to Do About Dining

Of course, one way to cut back on disputes about washing the dishes and buying groceries is to stick with an on-campus dining plan. You can get a commuter meal plan that lets you enjoy either 25 or 50 meals on campus during the semester, plus a few extra dollars to use however you’d like in the dining halls. Any meals you don’t use in the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester, but you need to use them all by the end of the school year or else they will expire. If you end up using all of your meals before the end of the semester or year, you can purchase an additional 25 or 50 meal plan.

Keeping Your Grades Up

Keeping your grades up is important, whether you’re living in William Peace University graduate student housing or elsewhere. If the move off-campus has you feeling a little more distracted or has somehow disrupted your study schedule, there are a few ways to get back on track. The university offers tutoring and writing assistance to students who need it. You can also head to the library if you need a quiet place to study, away from the distractions of roommates. The school’s library is open seven days a week until 11pm.

Getting a Job

Perhaps you want to get a part-time job so that you have a bit of extra spending money each semester, or to help you cover the cost of rent. The career center offers job postings to help you find a part-time job during the academic year or summer. You can also use the career center to track down an internship in your field.

Thanks to its central location, life off-campus at William Peace University can be as fun as life on-campus. You might have a few things to learn when you get your first place, but once you get them down, you’ll be ready to enjoy the academic year.