Posted in: Living Posted on: Jun 21st, 2016

Give Back at These Raleigh Nonprofit Organizations

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Not everyone takes the time to think about everything they get from their community on a regular basis. A great neighborhood provides its residents a safe place to live, meaningful and engaging activities, and neighbors with whom you can build lifelong friendships. If you’d like to find a way to express your gratitude and give back to your community, consider volunteering. Donating your time and special talents to one of West Raleigh’s many local nonprofit organizations is a wise investment that pays dividends into the long-term. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or this is your first time, there’s a volunteer opportunity out there for you. Take some time to learn about a few organizations that are doing wonderful work right here in our community, and decide which one you would like to support with your valuable time.

Food for Everyone

You may not realize it, but food insecurity is a pressing concern for many residents living in West Raleigh. There are so many adults in the community that work hard to provide for themselves and their children, and yet they struggle to put healthy and balanced meals on the table. Join the Raleigh branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina as a volunteer to support the community’s efforts to end hunger for every resident of North Carolina. The organization needs volunteer help with every aspect of its operation, including driving, record keeping, and sorting donated items. It takes so much work to make sure all of the community’s residents have enough to eat, and the Food Bank can use all the manpower it can get.

Hospital Help

No one likes to go to the hospital since it’s rarely a fun experience, but you may not realize that members of the hospital’s staff sometimes feel the same way, too. The hospital can be a draining place whether you’re going there to be healed or do the healing. The Raleigh campus of WakeMed Health & Hospitals is always accepting applications from residents that would like to volunteer in West Raleigh and ease some of the strain put on the staff. There are a number of responsibilities that volunteers may accept at WakeMed, including serving as an ambassador, helping with patient transport, and completing clerical duties. Fill out an application through the website for the role that you’re most interested in. Both the patients and the staff members of WakeMed will be grateful for your time and effort.

The Importance of Reading

You might remember how special it was when you first began learning how to read. It may have been difficult, but you persevered, and now you always have a wealth of stories and information readily available to you. Imagine having the opportunity to help someone else achieve that milestone. You can give someone this gift as a literacy tutor at the Triangle Literacy Council. Located on West Morgan Street, the Council has been committed to helping residents achieve success with literacy and basic learning skills for more than 45 years. The organization offers a complete training course and will match you with a student or group. Imagine how great you’ll feel when you see your student tearing through a book because of your efforts as a volunteer while living in West Raleigh.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to volunteer in West Raleigh. Have you decided which organization will be receiving a volunteer application from you?