Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jun 22nd, 2015

Getting to Know the Wake County Public School District

Students are placed in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) according to where they live in Raleigh, NC. Because of this, if you are looking at apartments in the Wake County School District, it is strongly recommended that you look at West Raleigh in order to qualify for some of the best schools in the district. There are many magnet programs within the system that take an innovative and unique approach to teaching. These include Active Learning & Technology, Creative Arts and Sciences, Leadership, Montessori Museums, and others. A lottery determines a student’s acceptance into one of these programs. Here is an overview of schools in West Raleigh, NC.

Elementary School: Combs Elementary

Combs Elementary teachers show their students kindness and respect, and teach them how to demonstrate the same to each other. They pride themselves on their Leadership Model Program, which has received a considerable amount of national attention for its astounding ability to develop leadership at such a young age. Emotions, academics, ethics, and social skills are all developed in children attending by fostering a community of avid learners. Family members are likewise encouraged to participate through seminars that teach Comb’s guiding principles on leadership. Students are called upon to set their own personal goals each school quarter to promote independence.

Middle School: Centennial Campus Middle School

Centennial Campus is a part of the University Connection Program and so collaborates with Carolina State University. CCMS encourages its students to not only learn, but also discover and integrate the knowledge they’ve gained through application in a technological and global environment. It follows the magnet school system and so offers a specialized curriculum and philosophy in leadership. This middle school often gains extremely high-caliber students due to their competitive and rigorous program.

High School: Athens Drive High School

Athens Drive High’s mission is to meet the needs of all their students no matter their background. The school offers entry into two different academies. The first is a Health Science Academy that orients students toward a healthcare career. The second is an Energy and Sustainability Academy that pushes them towards design and engineering. Those students that decide to enter into one of these academies will study topics that are specific to the certain area of study, and are also provided many opportunities to work closely with businesses within their industry in order to get a hands-on learning experience. Students are also given many chances to show off their artistic side through an extensive and diverse art community. This includes chorus, band, orchestra, and theater programs that have all received national recognition. Students may also join a large array of clubs in order to find their true passions.