Posted in: Kids Posted on: May 25th, 2016

3 Places in Raleigh Offering Childcare You Can Trust

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If your family is new to renting in Raleigh, you’re probably interested in finding out what childcare programs are available in town. Parents have so many responsibilities these days between work, managing the household, and childcare that it’s unrealistic to think that you can do it all yourself. Fortunately, Raleigh has several local businesses that offer daycare, summer camp, and after-school programs for your children while you’re working or taking care of other responsibilities. These top childcare programs will provide peace of mind while you’re working hard at the office.

Daily Daycare

Your young children require a great deal of attention and supervision. After all, they’re progressing through new developmental stages all the time. Childcare professionals can foster this growth when you’re at work, especially if you sign your children up for daycare services with Primary Beginnings Child Development Centers. The professional childcare team behind Primary Beginnings is committed to providing excellent services for infants, toddlers, and children of preschool age. The instructors work with each child as he or she progresses through the stages of their program, and they are caring and supportive along the way.

Before and After School

With the hectic schedules that parents are expected to maintain, it’s understandable that you may need some help providing proper supervision of your child before and after school. Of course, enrolling your kids in a before- or after-school program requires complete trust that the staff can provide a safe environment with engaging, fun activities for the children to enjoy. One of the after-school programs in Raleigh that can offer all of this and more is hosted by Appletree Daycare, Inc. Here, the school-aged children have a large gym where they can run around and blow off steam after school. These games can help your children stay active they practice teamwork and social skills. Appletree Daycare does provide safe and reliable transportation for students from some schools in the district, too, but you should contact their office for specific information.

Summertime Activities

“School’s out!” When you hear these dreaded words, you know what comes next—”I’m bored.”. Your children come home for the summer and they struggle to stay entertained for the next three months. Arrange for special seasonal childcare so that youngsters are not only supervised but also engaged and stimulated even on their break from school. Summer camp programs are a great resource for helping children stay focused and occupied during their vacation months. One of the most popular summer programs in Raleigh is New Life Camp. Since 1950, New Life’s summer camp programs have helped children retreat from the daily stress of life and participate in meaningful activities with friends. Visit the camp’s website to learn about the sign-up process.

Registering your child for daycare or summer camp requires a tremendous amount of trust, but there are several programs available to parents renting in Raleigh that meet and exceed every expectation. So which of these lauded local programs will you choose for your little ones this summer or next school year?